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Travel Blogging (again)

Yes I have been at it again. But where are the posts you say? Well the truth is that I have been unfaithful to the cause and used a very friendly little site called travelblog.org, no better than WP, but exclusively for those of a wandering disposition…

My latest trip was to South Africa, a place I have frequented numerous times. In fact I am often mistakenly assumed to be a Saffer here in the UK which I am not. The truth is I have claim to many things – Englishman, Zimbabwean, Greek, Irish at a stretch – but not to that land on the southern edge of the African continent. Anyway, it is there I went to see family and friends for a breezy 10 days (of which some 36 hrs were spent in the air when all flights are accounted for, and not including transit times which would take it up to 40).

I wish it were as easy as re-blogging but I fear I am going to have to provide the links and then copy and paste the stuff across as well, but for any aspiring blogger this shouldn’t be a chore so I will stop my whining. Herewith the posts:

Touchdown Johannesburg

Onwards to Durban

From the Highveld to the Cape

Hout Bay and Surrounds