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I’m peripatetic – that’s the long and short of it. I have been for a few years now. Presently in the Republic of South Africa, I spent almost 10 months of last year between Turkey, Southern Africa, France, Southern and Eastern Europe.  I’m a British national but raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. I naturally prefer to be identified as a Zimbabwean although what a ‘true’ Zimbabwean is a much-debated topic.

I came to the UK in ’09 and worked in a number of different positions and industries. For several years I found employment in the hospitality and catering sector working variously as a waiter and dog’s body in city offices, art museums, cafes, bars, restaurants and a lengthy stint in a 5* hotel just outside of Luton and a stone’s throw from the capital. When the summer of 2013 came along I stepped back from these slavish pursuits and spent a few months teaching English in England and Turkey, travelled a bit more at the end of the year, took up music again as a hobby for the first time since playing in the school band, and worked a different job in Bournemouth. Admittedly, I’ve spent far more than I’ve earned which is a slight cause for concern. Mmmmm.

At heart I’ve always been a naturalist with libertarian leanings. Moreover, I’m inclined towards efforts to live sustainably and responsibly, insofar as that is possible. The older I get the more that would seem to be pie-in-the-sky! I have tempered my idealism with an acceptance that we are masters of our own destiny (humanity) and that there really is no going back on this Great Experiment we embarked upon, well, just the other day really (when considered in terms of geological time).

Please also check out my new sister blog These Archived Memories. This blog is to be dedicated to my travel experiences and anecdotes and reflections on growing up in Africa.

And whilst I’m at it please also check out my self-published memoir of my life between two continents. You can add it to your lengthy reading list or earn me a royalty by buying it! It’s available as an ebook (Kindle) or paperback. See my Goodreads page for details.

certiores petere, appetere edoceri (seek to inform; seek to be informed)

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